Beebe, Arkansas Seeks to Combine Pit Bull Ban with Vicious Dog Category Since BSL is Not Working

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Nov 25th, 2013
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According to the Beebe News in Beebe, Arkansas, Mayor Mike Robertson and the city’s attorney Barrett Rodgers, may combine the ordinance language that bans so-called pit bulls with the ordinance language related to vicious dogs. 

Beebe already has a breed-specific law (BSL) banning so-called pit bulls, or “Pit Bulls and others in that category of terriers,” yet their BSL is not working since, as the Beebe News acknowledged:

The gist of the changes may be – when they come to the council table at the December meeting – that whenever one of those dogs gets picked up by the city, it will not be able to be adopted and may be euthanized.

If there is a pit bull ban in the city, then why would there be so-called pit bulls free-roaming? 

In other words, underlying the need for more BSL is an automatic acknowledgement that Beebe’s current BSL isn’t working.  So why add more? 

Why not instead remove the breed-specific portion of Beebe’s vicious dog law?  Or better yet, pass a dangerous dog (owner) law and take the onus off of dogs or breeds of dog, and put it squarely where it belongs: on the irresponsible owner.


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One Response to “Beebe, Arkansas Seeks to Combine Pit Bull Ban with Vicious Dog Category Since BSL is Not Working”

  1. Ramona Miller says:

    AMEN! GREAT Banning Pit Bulls has proven pointless, non effective, (absurd, ignorant, ridiculous) & murdereous etc…as City after City, overturns & “Bans” the ‘ban'”! It’s easier to punish the breed, than it is to create laws to force HUMANS to be responsible. Beebe is one AR “facility” I know well. The building itself is pretty awesome. The humans running it? Suffice it to say, hopefully the “folks” there will see the light; or someone who actually sees & possesses it, will fill their shoes; & lead the community on a more righteous path. Especially for sake of the animals corralled by Beebe AC

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