Assistant Dog Warden Guilty of Willful Deception of “Pitbull” Owner Resulting in Dog’s Euthanization

An assistant dog warden in Seneca County, Ohio pled guilty to “theft in office” for willfully misleading the owner of a “pitbull” so that the assistant dog warden could euthanize the dog. When the owner of the “pitbull” came to the dog warden’s office in March 2006 to see if his dog (who had a collar and tags) had been picked up by the assistant dog warden, he was informed that the dog was not there, even though it was. The dog’s owner was later informed by one of his neighbors that the assistant dog warden had picked up the dog. When the dog’s owner returned to the dog warden’s office he found his dog dead and lying in a compost pile. By Ohio law, dogs are considered personal property and therefore the assistant dog warden was made to pay the dog’s owner $500 in restitution. The Seneca County Prosecutor said,

“‘Its disturbing because as an assistant dog warden he did not handle it properly…He violated the public trust’.”

2 responses to “Assistant Dog Warden Guilty of Willful Deception of “Pitbull” Owner Resulting in Dog’s Euthanization”

  1. I remember when this first happened. I contacted officials and urged them to discipline these two. Their actions were outrageous! Thankfully, they were both fired, and face further disciplinary action.

    Violate public trust? You bet!!!

  2. I remember hearing about the case too. Such callous behaviour should not be tolerated.

    I’ve heard from people where I live that if your dog gets picked up, even if wearing tags, the pound people will often say they don’t have him, so if your dog happens to get out you have to show up in person, often, and be very firm with them in order to view the ‘strays’. The pound is about 20 miles away, this is a village and farm area so we don’t have dedicated animal control.

    Fortunately, I have no first hand experience but since the person who told me has credibility, I tend to believe him.

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