If At First You Don’t Know, Blame the Dog That Most Closely Resembles a “Pitbull”!

*Update: The dog reported to be a “pitbull” in the following story was actually discovered to have been a Catahoula/American Bulldog mix. Doesn’t matter. The cops still shot it and it’s still dead.

You know, Texas officials just aren’t even trying to be stealthy anymore about turning every dog attack into a “pitbull” attack (all so they can push through some or all of their highly-restrictive dog-related legislation). The latest attack, which actually resulted in the death of a Friendswood, Texas woman over the weekend, was reported to have involved a retriever, a “pitbull-type dog,” and an Alaskan Collie. First of all, what the heck is an Alaskan Collie? Second, why was the “pitbull” shot and killed by police when it was the collie that had blood all over it? Responding officers said they shot the “pitbull” because it supposedly lunged at them, which is what they always say when they don’t care to be bothered with the dog and would just rather shoot it. Police, in an apparent attempt to outdo their own outlandishness claimed that,

“…only the one dog actually attacked the woman. They say it was the dog that they had to kill.”

It also happened to be the dog they thought was a “pitbull.” And how is it that the police know that the “pitbull” was the one responsible when nobody witnessed the attack and it was the collie that was covered in blood?

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  1. It’s funny that the general public seems to be okay with this ‘bait and switch’ tactic, too.

    When the Ontario Attorney General proposed (and ultimately successfully passed) a province-wide ban on ‘pit bulls’, there were four days of public hearings on the matter.

    Every expert deputant, and the overwhelming majority of those who spoke, opposed the ban on very practical and reasoned bases. But there was a smattering of inexpert, average Joes who supported the ban.

    On one day, two different deputants testified about problems they’d had with other breeds of dog (Bull Mastiff, Rottweiler, German Shepherd, etc.). THIS was their basis for supporting a ban on ‘pit bulls’, they said.

    There’s a total disconnect.

    “My dog was killed by a Bull Mastiff. That’s why I support a ban that won’t affect Bull Mastiff owners one bit.” (???)

    “I’m afraid of my neighbour’s aggressive Rottweiler. That is why I support a law that won’t affect him at all.” (???)

    All biting dogs have become ‘pit bulls’, it seems. And not only is there no one, or no agency, with the task of holding the media or politicians accountable when they get it wrong, the public doesn’t even seem to care they’ve gotten it wrong.

    When I’m in conversation with those in public office, after I explain why BSL is a failed social experiment, I ALWAYS offer proven methods for preventing dog bites. Not once have any of them ever voluntarily taken me up on that offer. So while I usually include that kind of information in any documentation I might provide, it just goes to show that hardly anyone is actually focused on dog bite prevention.

    It’s all about trying to find someone to blame. Voiceless dogs make such an easy scapegoat.

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