Lonoke, Arkansas Has Proposed “Pitbull” Ban

The Lonoke, Arkansas City Council has proposed a breed-specific ordinance which you can read about here. Please contact the following city officials and register your opposition to any breed-specific measures that the city council may attempt to pass:

You can send all correspondence to cityoflonoke@ sbcglobal. net and address it to the aldermen, the mayor, and any other city official and they will make copies of the emails and disperse them to the addressed individuals.

City Administration
(501) 676-4300

City Officials:

Mayor, Wayne McGhee
Treasurer, Walls McCrary
City Clerk, Billie Uzzell
Deputy City Clerk, Gwen Pauschert
City Attorney, Randy Grice
District Judge, Barbara Elmore


1 Janie Deering 101 England
2 Woody Evans 109 Honeysuckle Lane
3 Pat Howell 305 East 3rd 676-6003
4 Wendell Walker 206 Branch
5 Efrem Jones 412 Reynolds 676-6182
6 Raymond Hatton 106 Vasser Lane 676-3281
7 Michael Florence 221 West Holly 676-2057
8 Phillip Howell 13 Sunset Loop 676-7842

One response to “Lonoke, Arkansas Has Proposed “Pitbull” Ban”

  1. I own an APBT and she is great. She loves children and people in general. She would never be aggressive unless she was trying to protect someone close to her. It isn’t the breed of the dog that matters, it is the people who own them and how they are raised. They are terrific family pets and good gueard dogs. They statistically one of the least likely breeds to be human aggressive. There have been studies, many studies for this issue and many other issues and they have found that Pit Bull Terriers are no more likely to harm anyone or anything than any other breed of dog. This situation is a bunch of crap and people need to have experiences with these types of dogs before just throwing them away or having them killed. I am very upset about all the bans going on and if there is anything else I can do to help, please let me know. I am very upset about this and I am only traveling to Arkansas for a week! I don’t even have to live there. If the ban does go thru, you will lose a lot of residents and support towards the political figures of the state. Good luck to them at getting re-elected!

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