Officers Are Not Immune to “Pitbulls” or Caprice Apparently

“Our officers are not immune to what they see on the news about dogs. They realize (pit bulls) as a threat that can cause a great bit of harm”…

These are the words of Deputy Chief Rich Chiarello of the Round Lake, Illinois Police Department whose officers, while serving drug warrants, shot and killed a “pitbull” that the officers claimed lunged at them. The police chief just admitted that his officers are influenced by what they see on the news about “pitbulls,” (most of which we debunk everyday, by the way). Perhaps it’s more accurate to say that police have a no-tolerance policy for “pitbulls” and that any time officers see them, whether the dog is actually lunging or not, that they are authorized to put a bullet, or several, in the dog’s head. Does it concern anyone else that the police are this eager to discharge their firearms in suburban areas where other people live and work, especially when it has not been shown (other than by false, sensationalistic media coverage) that “pitbulls” are an actual threat??? “Pitbulls” aren’t even a breed, so how can they be a threat??


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  1. What I find interesting is the admission that the real culprits – a callous, manipulative media – are finally given the credit they deserve for a relentless propaganda campaign against ‘pit bulls’.

    I hold the media outlets more responsible than the gasbag politicians who pander to the uneducated majority for votes.

    Media hacks must know better by now. We’ve been writing to them with the facts, science and statistics which contradict their claims for years.

    That makes them doubly culpable, in my books.

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