Payette County, Idaho: BSL Pushed by a Knee-Jerk

A breed-specific ban that would prohibit “pitbulls” in Payette County, Idaho was proposed by county coroner Keith Schuller whose daughter was supposedly attacked by Schuller’s own “pitbull.” Schuller said before county commissioners that,

There is evidence that shows pit bull attacks are more severe and are more likely to cause injury or death, Schuller said. They can make gentle pets – but they require special attention. Pit bulls give no warning before they attack and they will not retreat.
Several things immediately come to mind. First, what breed of dog did Schuller actually own since “pitbull” isn’t a breed? Second, what breed of dog, or dogs, is Schuller proposing to ban since again “pitbull” is not a breed? Third, what evidence shows “pitbull” attacks are more severe or more likely to cause injury or death when all evidence actually points to the contrary?? Again, just look at photos of the woman in France who was the first successful recipient of a face transplant after she was horribly disfigured by a Labrador. Fourth, all dogs give a warning before they attack. Most humans simply don’t know what those signs are in order to heed them. Fifth, if some “pitbulls” make gentle pets then under the equal protection clause of the 14th amendment it would be unconstitutional to pass a breed ban since you cannot pass a law that will disadvantage some dog owners but not others unless it can be scientifically proven that “pitbulls” are a threat, and Schuller just admitted not all “pitbulls” are a threat. (And I would question how Schuller would scientifically prove “pitbulls” are inherently dangerous when the breed doesn’t even exist!)

Please contact the following county officials and tell them you disapprove of any ordinance that would single dogs out by breed:

Betty J Dressen, County Clerk
1130 3rd Ave N. Room 104
Payette, ID 83661
Phone: (208) 642-6000
Fax: (208) 642-6011

County Commissioners:

Rudy Endrikat

Larry Church

Marc Shigeta

Brian Lee, County Prosecutor
Payette County Prosecutor
1130 3rd Ave North, Room #105
Payette, ID 83661
Phone: (208) 642-6096
FAX: (208) 642-6099

One response to “Payette County, Idaho: BSL Pushed by a Knee-Jerk”

  1. I think this BSL in Payette County, is wrong. I have lived in Payette County for the last year. Now I am seriously entertaining the idea of moving out of this county. The county did not even consult the only animal shelter in the county before passing this load of crap. I have met many more “family” breeds of dogs that are much more dangerous, than any “pitbull” I have ever met.

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