Rolla, Missouri Considers BSL

At the Rolla City Council meeting Monday, the following considerations were discussed, including a possible ban on “pitbulls” and/or breed-specific mandatory spay/neuter:

1. The number of dogs and cats per household should be limited to no more than four combined. This is slightly more restrictive than what the committee agreed on, but will be more conducive to the city constraints.

2. Registration should be implemented for all dog breeds, but not for cats or other animals. It should also be mandatory that all Pitbulls and similar types of dogs be altered (spayed/neutered) at the time of registration due to the fact that studies show that unaltered dogs show more aggressive tendencies than altered dogs. It is also recommended that a leash be required for all dogs in public places.

3. The proposed exotic animal ordinance should be implemented, which now defines exotic animals and removes the responsibility of the city administrator and police chief on decision-making for each individual case. (An exotic animal means any animal which, when in its wild state, is capable [while at large] of inflicting serious physical harm upon human beings. A list of what qualifies as an exotic animal is also available).

Please contact members of the Rolla City Council and tell them breed-specific measures like bans and mandatory spay/neuter are ineffective since the same irresponsible individuals that caused a ban or other breed-specific measures to be proposed will not abide by further restrictions. A leash law, more Animal Control enforcement, and public education about spaying/neutering and not allowing dogs to free-roam go a long way in prevention of dog bites, free-roaming dogs, and unwanted litters.


2 responses to “Rolla, Missouri Considers BSL”

  1. i don’t people should be made to spay or neuter your pets i think it should be your choice. I have three pitbull/rotti mixes and they are not neutered and they are the most loving dogs i have ever had. This country has much bigger problems then worrying about banning any breed of animal. It’s not the dogs fault they are mean it’s how they are treated. yes i agree that if people do not have the knowledge of how to raise these animals or are using them as a weapon or fighting they should not be allowed to have them so no i don’t believe there should be a ban on any buly breed and further more if the ban is passed i can’t speak for everyone but i for one will not give up my animals for anyone or anything.

  2. I am sickened and appauled by bsl. The only people this law is going to affect are those that are law abiding. The problem lies with those that are not. There is no way to effectively correct the dog violence in this country unless those that are responsible for the welfare of that animal are held accountable. Until there is a law against bad pet owners that train their dogs to be violent we will constantly be battling the violence and the injustice for these animals.

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