What You Should Know if You Make Contributions to PETA

Penn and Teller show us where contributions to PETA really go. Click here to see the video (Contains language and images you may find graphic).

“Our goal is total animal liberation.” — Ingrid Newkirk, President of PETA.

One response to “What You Should Know if You Make Contributions to PETA”

  1. I suggest that nobody makes contributions to peta. Give your money to animal welfare organizations, who actually do something to promote the humane treatment of pets and other animals.

    As you know, peta was recently on trial for killing adoptable dogs and cats and tossing the bodies into a dumpster behind a store. They made no defense to the killings, didn’t deny them. Their stance was that the animals, handed over on the understanding that they would be placed into good homes, were ‘their property’.

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