Indy Mayor Lobbies City Council to Pass a “Pit Bull” Ordinance and Stumps for Ban in the Community

Indianapolis Mayor Bart Peterson said Tuesday that “despite opposition from some pit bull and other dog owners, he will begin lobbying council members to support an outright ban of the breed in the city.” Peterson’s comments came a year after Indy’s first attempt to ban “pit bulls.” In that year, Indianapolis has seen a 20% reduction in dog bites which can be attributed to increased Animal Control enforcement and the dangerous dog ordinance that the Indy City Council passed.

Currently, dog owners in Indianapolis whose dogs bite someone are fined $500 and their dogs may be ordered to be confined. What’s wrong with this provision, especially since it appears to be working quite nicely? The mayor can no more prevent dog bites or dog attacks on children or anyone else via a breed ban than he can prevent car accidents involving children and anyone else by passing seatbelt laws. There are people who will never heed the law so why stump for a breed ban which will go on to punish people who were already abiding by the law? That would be like saying people couldn’t drive a certain model of car because the owners of those models were involved in more traffic accidents. Well, just like it is the driver’s responsibility to control his vehicle, it is a dog owner’s responsibility to control his dog.

Please send your respectful letters to the mayor and Indianapolis City Council members and tell them that the dangerous dog law they passed last year is working brilliantly and that Indianapolis does not need a breed ban that will adversely affect only responsible bully breed owners while those who irresponsibly own all kinds of breeds of dog will continue to do so regardless of a ban.

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  1. I think is this the sadest thing I have ever heard. Blaming one specific type of dog and then punishing them. So many dogs out there look like pitbulls but yet are not. I am the proud owner of these dogs. I have a Staffordshire Terrier named Winston, and a new eddition to our family is a deaf Pitbull mix by the name of Zeus. Yet I am a responsible pet owner.

    Yes I have young children in my house. I have a 9 year old son and a 5 year old daughter. I am in no way scared of my dogs around my children. Yet I have taken the means to make sure my dogs are not part of a problem. We make sure to socialize our dogs on a regular basis, from day one. We take our dogs through obedience training. I also plan to take Zeus through his good canine citzen test once he finishes up his training.

    We put restrictions on almost everything in life. The point is to make it safe. Instead of banning a certain type of dog, shouldnt we look at making a list of requirements to own the breed. Making an individual responsible for training in obedience and socialization. Then setting up a test for these dogs. I understand as a pet owner it is a pain to do something extra just to have a specific breed. Personally I would go through it every time, just to keep this breed around.

    I think Mayor Peterson is barking up the wrong tree. A different direction needs to be taken. Instead of following the ban wagon that other states are following, be different with the approach. Take the time to find a true solution to a problem and not the easy way out.

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