Beebe, Arkansas Won’t “Grandfather” in Current “Pit Bull” Owners When They Pass a Ban

From The Arkansas Leader:

“At their May council meeting, Beebe aldermen examined the Lonoke ordinance, the same one Cabot is considering, and decided they dont want to grandfather the dogs already in the city.

They asked City Attorney Mark Derrick to prepare an ordinance for the June meeting that would give owners 60 days to get rid of the dogs.

Some wanted the ban in effect almost immediately, but Alderman Les Cossey said if the pit bull owners were renters, they would need at least 60 days to find new housing.

Leonard Fort, the citys code-enforcement officer, said two families with pit bulls, one from Lonoke and one from Des Arc, have moved to Beebe within the past three weeks.

We have an abundance of pit bulls, Mayor Mike Robertson said about the need to pass some version of the Lonoke ordinance.”

**Please contact the mayor and aldermen and tell them that refusing to allow existing “pit bull” owners to stay within the city is an ex post facto violation. Please also inform them that at least 20 different breeds of dog have been mistakenly called “pit bulls” and that as such Beebe may not have a “pit bull” problem but simply a lack of Animal Control enforcement of free-roaming dogs and problem owners.


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