Rolla, MO Proposes Breed-Specific Ordinance

From The Rolla Daily News:

“Pet owners in Rolla may have the opportunity to hear more about a proposed new ordinance as soon as the second City Council meeting June 18, but more than likely it will be the first meeting in July.

The ordinance also seeks a registration of persons owning a pit bull-terrier-type dog older than six months. These dogs — excluding those intended for breeding — shall be spayed or neutered. There will be a $10 licensing fee for Pit Bull-terrier dogs, according to the ordinance proposal.”

Continue reading this article here.

Please contact members of Rolla’s City Council and tell them there are better alternatives to a breed-specific ordinance.   If you’re in the area please consider attending the public hearings regarding this ordinance and voicing your polite opposition.  

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