Laurel, Mississippi Considers BSL

From the Leader Call:

“Laurels administration and some city council members are beginning the steps to possibly ban pit bulls within the city limits.

After researching bans within other cities, including Richland and Clinton in Mississippi, administration officials have rewritten the animal control ordinance. The city council began debate on the issue during a public safety committee meeting. The issue will soon go before the entire Laurel City Council.”  

The article continues,  

“…There are leash laws on the books, but they are often not enforced. Jones said the leash laws should also be enforced more.

If Laurel isn’t enforcing its leash law then how does it propose to enforce a breed ban??? Please contact the Laurel City Council members (via phone or snail mail here or by e-mail address through their clerk here) and politely inform them that a breed ban is not the solution to a free-roaming dog problem, more Animal Control enforcement and responsible owner education are.

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