Reading, PA To Consider BSL


“A spate of pit bull attacks may lead [Reading] to impose restrictions on owners of the breed beginning next year.

Reading has tallied 32 dog bites this year, about 60 percent of them by pit bulls, according to the Humane Society.

A city ordinance requires restrictions on a breed in the year after more than 30 dog bites occur and a particular breed is responsible for more than 40 percent of them. Owners would have to keep pets muzzled and on chain leashes when outdoors and would have to get a $500 permit for nonsterilized dogs.”

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Please contact the Reading City Council and politely inform them that the 32 dog bites they recorded last year could not have been from “pit bulls” since no such breed exists. The slang term “pit bull” can describe at least 20 actual breeds of dog and their mixes. Also the designation “pit bull” has been ruled time and again in a court of law to be unconstitutionally vague.

3 responses to “Reading, PA To Consider BSL”

  1. I’m surprised that these news articles don’t include if these pits were on leash walks with thier owners when they attacked or if they were free roaming. I don’t see how restrictions on RESPONSIBLE pitbull owners are going to change these attacks. Punish the deed not the breed. I don’t see how an owner cannot have control over thier dogs when they are leashed.

  2. I think this legislation is ridiculous. I have a pitbull and she is the best dog you could ever have. she is loyal and loving. The people that want a BSl law do not know about the “pitbull breed(there is no such breed to begin with)” nor do they have such type of dog so how can they judge what dangerous???????????????

  3. I also am an owner of the so-called “pit bulls” and maybe is as gentle as a butterfly i let my 3 year old play with her with no problem these “pit bull” attacks were cause by dogs that were not well cared for unsocialized which is not their fault DOGS ARE WHAT WE MAKE THEM TO BE THE BREED SHOULD NOT BE PUNISHED THEY ONLY KNOW WHAT WE TEACH THEM PLEASE REMEMBER THAT!!!

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