Sulphur, Louisiana Considers Breed-Specific Enclosure/Leash Law


“Pit bull owners, breeders and groomers in Sulphur appeared at special city council meeting to speak out against an ordinance.

The ordinance, presented in a public hearing and tabled until the regular meeting August 13th, would require all pit bulls in the city to be confined in kennels when not accompanied by their owners or on a leash.”

Please contact the Sulphur mayor and council members at the following addresses and/or phone numbers and tell them a leash law would be better for all dogs, not just “pit bulls”:

Mayor Ron LeLux
(337) 527-4500

City Council

Dru Ellender
1100 E. Carlton
Sulphur, LA 70663
337-528-2468 (home)
337-309-6535 (mobile)
drutwo@hotmail. com

Mike W. Koonce
403 Navarre Street
Sulphur, LA 70663
337-527-7429 (home)
337-309-6448 (mobile)

Chris Duncan
1509 Melanie
Sulphur, LA 70663
337-527-4484 (home)
337-474-7040 (work)
337-302-4540 (mobile)
cduncanagency@ bellsouth. net

Nancy Tower
520 N. Lebanon
Sulphur, La. 70663
337-625-7379 (home)
337-494-5301 (work)
337-842-7849 (mobile)
tower520@bellsouth. net

Stuart Moss
38 Hibiscus Road
Sulphur, La. 70663
337-625-5006 (home)
337-302-4538 (mobile)
mossstuart@hotmail. com

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