Lucky, the “Pit Bull” with a Knife Plunged into Her Head, Shows Zero Signs of Aggression

*Editor’s note: So much for that theory about “pit bulls” being inherently vicious. Apparently you can plunge a large knife directly into their skull and they’ll still lick you and show absolutely no signs of aggression.

From The Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

Finding a new home for Lucky the recovering pit bull takes on a bit of a reality-show aura next week.

The Atlanta Humane Society, whose veterinary staff treated the animal since she arrived last week with a knife in her head, will take applications for potential adoptive families from 1 to 3 p.m. Monday. Would-be owners must come in person, fill out forms and provide photo identification and proof of address. Folks living in rental housing must be able to show that pets are allowed in their homes.

…The staff has tested the dog for signs of aggression and has found none. During her stroll about the facility Friday the dog encountered volunteers, visitors and several other animals. She was eager to explore everything and lick everyone, but never barked or growled.”

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