St. Ann, MO Considers BSL

From the Overland-St. Ann Journal:

“Complaints to City Hall about dogs running loose – in particular pit bull terriers – prompted legislation aimed at putting the bite on breeds deemed to be dangerous.

…the proposal would involve the city notifying dog owners that certain breeds would be automatically considered dangerous. “It creates a rebuttable presumption that certain breeds of animals are dangerous – and we’re talking about pit bulls,” [City Attorney Steve Garrett] said. Owners of those breeds then could come forward and challenge the classification.

…The result of such a classification is that the animal would have to be kept in a kennel, wear a bright orange collar for identification purposes, and be kept leashed and muzzled if taken off the owner’s property.”

Please contact the St. Ann Board of Aldermen via the City Clerk and tell them that breed-specific ordinances are ineffective in curbing vicious dog attacks and that simple leash law enforcement and responsible owner education goes much farther in deterrence:

10405 St. Charles Rock Rd
St. Ann, MO 63074
Phone: (314)-427-8009
Fax: (314)-427-1084

Timothy D. James

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