Cincinnati May Reconsider “Pit Bull” Ban

From The Enquirer in Cincinnati:

“A city meeting on how to help police better identify pit bulls so they can enforce the citys ban did anything but that Tuesday, as some City Council members said the ban needs to be addressed.

…Councilman Cecil Thomas, an owner of Bo Jangles, a chow chow, and Chiquita, a Chihuahua, said the nearly 4-year-old ban on pit bulls in the city is not working.

Since 2003 the city has banned residents from owning or harboring pit bulls “ American Staffordshire terriers and Staffordshire bull terriers “ or any dog that is a mixture of the breeds. Dogs that were registered before November 2003 were grandfathered and are legal.

Thomas said he intends to convene a task force with representatives from the Society for the Preservation of Animals, the city prosecutors office, police, the dog warden and the public to examine the current law and come up with a measure that would prosecute bad deeds, and not specifically the breed.”

Read the article in its entirety here.

Please contact members of the Cincinnati City Council and encourage them to repeal their “pit bull” ban.

One response to “Cincinnati May Reconsider “Pit Bull” Ban”

  1. Ban people not the dog. Pits are one of the many breeds out there that are cruelly labeled as bad. Wrong. It is the way the human owners bring them up and train them. I myself used to own a Rottweiler and many people thought they are bad as well. She was a great family dog. She was loved by many. If the “labeled” dog is bad look at the larger picture. I used to work at a dog dare care and in an instant, was bit by a Boston Terrier. No matter who big or small a dog is, he/she will have the potential to bit and do harm.

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