Van Buren Township, Michigan to Consider Possible “Pit Bull” Ban and Pet Limits

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Van Buren Township in Michigan will be presenting a new draft to change their pet ordinance that will include how many pets a household can have and a possible breed ban.

Meeting will be held Wednesday, January 9, 2008 at the Township Hall, 46425 Tyler Rd. at 5:30.

Many townships and rural areas are starting to put in place dog rules and bans, rather than enforce what they have.

This is IMPORTANT! Even if you don’t live in Van Buren Township, your support and voice is needed in attendance as this will probably happen in your town next, if it hasn’t already.

Date: Wednesday, January 9, 2008
Time: 5:30 PM
Location: 46425 Tyler Rd. Van Buren Twp, MI 48111

Thank you in advance for your participation and support.

Deb Royal
Animal Rescue Michigan Border Collie Rescue


The Van Buren Township Safety Committee is holding this meeting. We are not sure what the new pet ordinance draft will actually cover, except for the number of pets allowed per household. But the township appears to be targeting a local pit bull rescue group who has lived and operated in the area for almost 9 years.

When the proposed pet ordinance was originally discussed last October (at a Planning Commission meeting) this pit bull rescue group was specifically mentioned at the meeting, due to a complaint by a neighbor. At that time, township representatives claimed that this was NOT a breed-specific issue, and that they were not looking to add any breed-specific language to the new pet ordinance. Coincidentally, what was NOT brought up at this meeting – was that the newly proposed pet limit would prevent a local pit bull rescue from being allowed to obtain a kennel license – simply because the rescuer’s property is located within 100 yards of a school, and also located next to a bus stop.

Many supporters of the rescue believe that this new pet limit ordinance is a veiled attempt at permanently closing down the only dedicated, reputable pit bull rescue in the area, as the rescuer would be ineligible to apply for a kennel license.

Diana McKay
Pit Bull Education Coordinator
A Better Place – New Boston, MI – Pit Bull Education Blog


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