Pet “Pit Bull” Drags Wisconsin Woman to Safety

From the New Richmond News:

Cisco, a 102-pound, 4-year-old pit bull, was taken outside to relieve himself at about 11 p.m. Wednesday, March 5, by his owner’s girlfriend.

Martha Sorrells was home alone at the time and knew the dog needed to do his duty.

But when Sorrells stepped on an icy patch in the back yard, she slipped and broke her right foot.

“I just had on some thin sleep pants and a T-shirt,” Sorrells said. “Even if I yelled, nobody would be able to hear me from the back yard.”

As she began to cry from the pain, Cisco began to comfort Sorrells. She told the dog to help her get home and the pit bull sprung into action.

“He knows quite a few words,” said proud owner Fred Rawson.

“He knew I was getting cold and he knew I needed to get back in the house,” Sorrells said.

The dog began pulling Sorrells by the leash toward the home.

“He just kept pulling hard,” she said. “It was really a heroic effort on his part.”

Once Cisco pulled the woman to the steps of the front door, Sorrells was able to use her hands to climb the three steps and get into the home.

“If it wouldn’t have been for him, I would have really been in trouble,” she said, adding that her boyfriend was at a friend’s house playing cards that night and she didn’t know when he would return.

She was very worried about frostbite and hypothermia setting in.

Once inside, Sorrells scooted to a chair and gathered herself. She was then able to call 911 for help.

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2 responses to “Pet “Pit Bull” Drags Wisconsin Woman to Safety”

  1. I was raised with pit bulls and they have never once turned their backs on me, i have a sorta simular story. I had a pit bull pet named Bruiser. I had him when i was 8. One day while in the back yard. i fell into the pool and i didn’t know how to swim. so i was struggling for breathe and to get to the surface of the water. Bruiser heard my yells and came to my rescue. He jumped into the pool and tugged on my shirt and pulled me to the edge, if it wasn’t for bruiser i could of drowned. See pit bulls shouldn’t be banned because they can be just as heroic and nice as any other dog.

  2. I don’t have a pit bull. I have a Weimaraner and a “Oldie Goldie” Retriever. I think that pit bulls are really great dogs, and I agree that we shouldn’t stereo type them as “Bad Dogs.” This story proves that point in such a heart warming way. Thank you!

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