Anderson, South Carolina to Consider Ban on “Pit Bulls”

From CBS Channel 7 in South Carolina:

“City Council member Tony Stewart is proposing a ban on new pit bulls and tighter restrictions on existing pit bulls some owners have in the city. The proposed ordinance says existing pit bulls present an unacceptable risk of harm and fear to residents.

Under the proposed ordinance existing pit bulls must have a fenced yard, you must be at least 18 year old to walk the dog, and it must have a muzzle on it’s mouth. Also, owners must have a $1, 000.00 dollar insurance policy.”

11 responses to “Anderson, South Carolina to Consider Ban on “Pit Bulls””

  1. This is outrageous! EVERY DOG has the potential to bite, it’s irresponsible ownership and lack of knowledge that makes people each and every pit bull is a monster waiting to attack. Yes, it’s true, pit bulls have a very high prey drive, they were bred to take down big game. Hunting dogs also have a high prey drive, I don’t see anyone banning Weimerainers (SP) or Spaniels. Pit bulls are also used in therapy and search and rescue, but nobody ever mentions that! A pit bull is good enough to find your missing loved one but not good enough to be allowed to live in your city. What a crock of bull (pardon the pun). If research suggested that most child predators were named Jim, would you make it a law that nobody named Jim would be allowed to live in your city either?
    Disgusted in MI.

  2. It seems that in this day and age, the barbaric mentality woul have been squelled eons ago. How can anyone decide that a whole breed of dog is dangerous? It is like saying that due to most crimes being committed by a perticular profile, ie: white male early 20’s etc. that whole age group should be locked up. That way, the potential has been erradicated. So dumb!! I am not the owner of a Pit, but I have never met one that wasn’t a big lap puppy. Of course, you can make anything vicious if you work at it. Therefore, anything vicious should be dealt individually. Not assumed that they will become vicious. It is their masters that are vicious. Perfect example is the Vicks guy that was doing horrible things to the Pits. Certainly wasn’t the other way around. The real criminals are the irresponsible owners that seem to get away with not taking proper caution with their animals. Those dogs are not jumping out of their yards, they are allowed to run free and most have been taught to fight. Go after the bad guys not innocent animals.

    Problems will never cease as long as the law doesn’t hold the real cuprit responsible. If it wasn’t their Pit Bulls, it would be something else. Bad dog owners are the real problem.

    I am very concerned about this ridiculous proposal. Those kinds of proposals are very frightening to say the least. What next??????

  3. well its like this. laws laws laws and more laws – i cant say much because im so damm mad about this.but nobody will ever take my dog no matter what. this is suppossed to be country to be proud of but im becoming imbarrised and ashaimed….

  4. My son was brutally attacked by a laborador mix. His face was torn and took stiches on the inside and out side of his cheek. Nothing was done even though animal control got involved. The dog was on his own land and leashed but still dangerous to children who get around him. I now own an American bull terrior. The dog is a sweetheart and loves children. He is only a little over a year old and has a lot of energy. He got out of the house today by mistake and licked a neighbor child on the face. Shet sat on her butt and the girls family is now doing every thing they can to have my dog put down. The little girl was not hurt at all but it did happen in her yard. Her dad threatened to kill me and my dog and attempted to punch me on my front porch. What rights do I have. I am willing to pay a fine for my dog getting out and not being leashed. I take responsibility for that. My dog has even been attacked in his own yard while he was on his leash by another dog. I had to pay 300.00 to get his eye put back in the socket. What rights do I have? The only reason my dog got out of the hourse to beging with is because there is a female in heat close by and according to the laws of Anderson County a female dog in heat is supposed to be behind walls so a male dog cannot smell her. WHAT
    ARE MY RIGHTS????????????

  5. I am not the owner of a pit bull terrior, however, my brother is and it is left at my elderly grandmothers home to keep her safe. I have raised my 4 children around this dog and never hesitate to leave my kids alone with her. Albeit when she stands on her back paws she towers over them all but they have been taught to leave her alone when she shows signs that she is tired of playing. Now if I can teach my children that why is it that so many adults can’t learn the same lesson? This dog was found abandoned at a week or so old and is now a big strong healthy dog. She’s a big baby and would never harm anyone unless you mess with her family. The only agression I have ever seen her display was when a stranger came into my grandmothers yard and was approaching the kids. The dog barked, pulled on her lead and was inches from the man and could have bitten him but her warning was enough, he ran from the yard and has never been seen since. I consider my brothers pit to be another one of my nieces and I love her as much! (Some times I say she’s my favorite niece cause she listens and does what she’s told to do.) I wouldn’t want to spend one day with out that dog in my life and I’m positive that is a bsl ever hits the area of SC where we live that my grandmother would break the law for the first time in her life to protect that dog she adores so much.

  6. No dog has a greater potential than others. I am a owner of 2 Pit Bulls that i cant even get Home Owners insurance because they are that breed. I also had a Shar-pei that is a very aggressive dog and they dont require anything as juristic as a Pit Bull does. This is an OUTRAGE. Its not the dog thats bad its the people that train them to be that way. Others that know and have owned Pit Bulls will say the same. Its laws like this one that will allow people to break into your house and sue you because he/she got hurt. My mother told me on thing. If someone breaks into your house you have a better chance of shooting them in the head and pay less that just disarming and restraining them. If you hurt them your better off just letting them steal all of your things. All in all Pit Bulls are very loyal dogs. They are actually more so loyal than a German Sheppard.

  7. You can not “Ban” a certain breed, any animal can bite. How ever I dont agree with putting a muzzle on its mouth…I think a responsible owner should know if their dog needs a muzzle or not. I have been doing dog rescue for 15 plus years and most vets are more scared of Cocker Spainels and Chihuahua’s. Cat’s can be real crazy too, maybe we need to “Ban” them too. Give me a break.

  8. Pitbull bans will not change the fact that small breed animals tend to bite your legs and ankles without cause. My husband owns a lawncare company and it is the small breeds that attck him without warning. I do believe you need to update your web page to say what you have decided, as it says you are considering this since 2008. I manage a large physician practice that is considering moving from AL to your area but several doctors have american bulldog, staffordshire terriers and pits. Because you have not decided if you are not banning or are, they have decided to move to an area that can make a wise decision. Ban NFL and watch no more football as Michael Vick is making how many MILLIONS after getting a slap on the wrist.

  9. I am a pitbull/american bulldog and staffordshire terrier mom and have 9 dogs in total. We have been the happy parents to them for Eight years. My hubby and I are shocked at the ignorance of these bans and are thankful we do not have this issue where we reside. These animals are our children and we protect them from others. We own a home, build a privacy fence around back and stay with them while they are in that area out back. How many parents of CHILDREN leave them unattended to wander in other yards, garages and into their pools. This is a reason we chose to protect them from others wandering where they are not supposed to be! Shame on the ignorance!

  10. My pit gets attacked by other small dogs. I have walked my pit, and a small got out of it is lease and attacked my pit. I had to defend my dog from the little one. When I say little I mean 15 lbs max.

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