Ely, Nevada May Consider Breed-Specific Ordinance

From The Ely Times:

“Kim Young is Ely’s animal control officer. She would like to bring an ordinance to the city council that would ban pit bulls from the city unless the owner has a breeder’s license.

She said she wants more protection for the public than just a ban on pit bulls.

Young said she would like to see penalties doubled for owners of dogs of any breeds running at large near schools as a safety stopgap for children.

I want to double the fine; not just for pits but for any dogs in the school area that are running at large, Young said, adding. There’s no problem owning a dog around the school.

The problem is dogs running freely without their owners’ present. The animal control officer said some people turn dogs of various breeds loose, especially if they think she has gone home. I don’t want to put the blame just on pit bulls, Young said. They’re (some dog owners) too lazy to walk their dogs so they just let them out.

Young said she will bring both issues to the council at a later date and added that she does not know how the council members would vote.”

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