Richland County, South Carolina County Council Considers BSL, Pet Limits


“A committee will consider whether to strengthen Richland Countys vicious-dog ordinance ” including possible limits on dogs per household and breed-specific regulations.

…County Council member Val Hutchinson said shes heard from a number of her Northeast Richland constituents but acknowledged its a larger issue.

‘From talking to other council members, the problem is much bigger and much more widespread,’ she said. ‘This is a countywide problem.’

Last year, 149 vicious-dog complaints were filed. Of those, owners in 70 cases were found in violation of the county ordinance. Most violations resulted from dogs biting people or attacking other animals, said Richland County Magistrate Judge Phil Newsom, though the breakdown on cases was not known.

Richland Countys current ordinance offers few restrictions on vicious dogs, except how they should be confined on property. Lexington and Kershaw counties have vicious-dog ordinances but no dog limits per household or breed restrictions.

Still, Councilman Norman Jackson, chairman of councils development and services committee, said getting County Council to approve specific measures, like household limits or breed restrictions, ‘shouldnt be a problem’.”

Please contact the Richland County County Council at the e-mail addresses below and politely inform them that breed-specific legislation in any form is ineffective and unenforceable.   An enforced leash law and a non-breed-specific dog law are more than adequate to police irresponsible dog owners of any breed.:

Councilman Bill Malinowski,
Councilwoman Joyce Dickerson,
Councilman Damon Jeter,
Councilman Paul Livingston,
Councilwoman Kit Smith,
Councilman L. Gregory Pearce, Jr.,
Councilman Joseph McEachern,
Councilman Mike Montgomery,
Councilwoman Val Hutchinson,
Councilwoman Bernice G. Scott,
Councilman Norman Jackson,


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  1. BSL does not work,the irresponsible owners r the problems of problem dogs not the dog him/herself,any dog can be vicios if treated cruely or trained that way.

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