Lakewood, Ohio Considers “Pit Bull” Ban

From NewsNet5 in Cleveland:

“Lakewood City Council will consider an ordinance concerning dangerous dogs at its meeting Monday evening.

City council will specifically consider prohibiting owning pit bulls or canary dogs.

Councilman Brian Powers plans to propose the amendment…

If the ordinance passes, owners will be guilty of a misdemeanor crime and could face a fine.”

Please contact the Lakewood City Council and inform them that breed bans/restrictions are unenforceable and ineffective.

11 responses to “Lakewood, Ohio Considers “Pit Bull” Ban”

  1. Wow what is wrong in Ohio? Don’t the people there care about their property rights? If I lived in Ohio I would certainly move.

  2. These people have never owned a pit I guess you r all idiots they are not a people aggresive dog you idiots, they will be animal aggresive if you train them to be I own two come visit them I guarentee you will change your opinions about pits not all are bad. You r more likely to be killed by a drunk driver in ohio then a pit bull.

  3. so i can walk into super k and purchase a shotgun, ammo, and chips; but i’m not responsible enough to raise a dog properly? we don’t see stories about responsible gun owners for the same reasons we don’t see stories about responsible pitbull/bulldog owners. i have a 8 month old american bulldog, and he has been bitten twice, once by a jack russel terrier, and once by a mini doberman. both times he just came right back to me with no aggression towards the dog that bit him. the owners of these small dogs were apologetic, but seemed to think that they were “just being dogs” and that all was o.k. they did not leash or punish their animals and one seemed to think it was almost funny that his little guy could hurt my large breed. i have not let a single small dog near mine since and now cannot visit my local dog park unless i personally know the dogs and owners are responsibly socializing and training their animals. but still we blame the animals. truly sad.

  4. Mr. Ruhi, not all folks that reside Lakewood are idiots. I am one, along with many Lakewood friends, who happen to be against this ban. I believe that a breed of dogs should not be punished for something they’re essentially not responsible for. It is the owners responsibility to make sure they’re training and socializing their dogs properly. Like having a child, we must provide our dogs with a loving home and be responsible for their proper upbringing. If a small number of teenagers are a danger to society, does that mean we should dispose of *ALL* teenagers for the safety of the public? Of course not! Dog owners must be held accountable for their dogs. It’s the dog owners that should be punished, not the animals.

  5. I think what the city of Lakewood is trying to do is just barbaric!!! Eradication a species of dog because of irresponsible owners is ridiculous!!!! You should be ashamed of yourselves. It is not the animals fault for owners who consider their pitts as fighters, and train them to do so. ALL DOG BITES ARE VICIOUS!!!! Would it be safe to say that all city council members are frauds?? Does’nt feel good to be labeled, does it?? How about we get rid of the positions on city council?? Eradicating and eliminating your job does’nt seem fair does it?? Now take that into ending somethings life!!! You people sicken me!!

  6. Is there anyway now that this stupid ordinance has been passed to appeal it? Are our hands tied? Does anyone have an idea on how to change this? My daughter resides in Lakewood as I do and she has the sweetest 3 year old red nose pit around. Yes, I was skeptical too because of all the bad press but just come visit her. She is the biggest baby and even at 60 lbs, she is a lap puppy. We need to change this and quick!

  7. I believe that ignorance is what pushed it through and was perpetuates this kind of thinking, that it is only certain breeds that are dangerous. ALL breeds can be dangerous in the wrong hands- bottom line. The only thing that this is going to do is push those bad owners to find another status breed, and then the cycle will continue. Dobermans had this happen to them as did Rottweilers. Most people do not know that Cocker Spaniels and Chows have higher bite numbers than pitbulls, but the media will not report on that.

  8. There will be a petition started to repeal this law. Anyone one interested in signing or helping to circulate this please contact us soon as possible. We would appreciate any help you could give. In order to sign you must be a registered voter residing in the city of Lakewood, Ohio

  9. I cant move back into Lakewood because I have a red nose American Staffordshire. He is 12 years old and we used to live in Lakewood but now I cant move back there because of this ignorant law. They need to come down extremely hard on bad owners, not ban the dogs.

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