Osceola, Nebraska Considers Banning Eight Breeds of Dog Including American Pit Bull Terriers

From the Columbus Telegram:

“The City of Osceola will hold a second reading of a proposed ordinance to ban American pit bull terriers and seven other dog breeds at 7 p.m. Tuesday at the Osceola City Hall, 451 N. Main.

During a first reading April 8, 14 individuals opposed the proposed ban and four spoke in favor of it. Osceola Mayor Wendell Lindsley said no action will be taken until the third reading is held June 10.

…Willie Dotson-Monroe owns Maggie, a 2-year old American pit bull terrier. Maggie is the only dog in Osceola known to be listed in the citys current vicious dog/dangerous animal ordinance.

Dotson-Monroe and his dog live across the street from Renee and Kent Johansen and their three children. The Johansens are leading the move for the ban.

…Osceolas Animal Control Officer, Diana Kelly said there have been no official complaints filed against Dotson-Monroes dog.

Weve never received a complaint about dog-at-large, barking or anything else on this dog, Kelly said. The only complaint Im aware of is the original complaint that went to the city clerk that there is a pit bull in the city, which is on the list of vicious dogs. Willie has complied with all the requirements of the current ordinance.

…The Johansens, however, are concerned about the safety of their three young children living in such close proximity to the pit bull.

I know that specific dog has not done anything yet, Renee Johansen said in a phone interview. At the March meeting, those in favor of the ban outnumbered those who were opposed to it, and I know Im speaking for many concerned citizens of our community.

Following the brief phone interview the Johansens issued a statement to the Telegram by e-mail.

In the past we have had a neighbors vicious dog come onto our property and terrorize our three children and two of their friends while playing in our front yard, the Johansens wrote. We had to call the sheriffs department on several occasions when it accidentally got loose. We, as a community, should not have to fear for our lives or fear being mauled by a vicious dog when outside doing yard work, playing outside or walking or biking down the street.

When asked to clarify their statement, Kent Johansen acknowledged that the dog referred to in their e-mail was not the one owned by Dotson-Monroe.”

Read this article in its entirety here.

Please write the Osceola City Council at the following address and politely inform them that BSL is ineffective and unenforceable.   An enforced leash law and a non-breed-specific dog law are more than adequate to police irresponsible dog owners of any breed:

City of Osceola
451 N. Main Street
Osceola, NE 68651

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  1. Just wanted to update any one who would care we are now fighting the fourth ordinance here in Osceola NE. Maggie mets there ordinance they keep changing it. Maggie still has done nothing wrong.
    Thanks to all who have shown support.

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