Boone County, Kentucky May Consider “Pit Bull” Restriction/Ban

From the Community Press:

“Boone County Commissioner Cathy Flaig said she’s given the [“pit bull” ban/restriction] issue to Boone County Administrator Jeff Earlywine to see if there’s anything that can be done to make sure that small children are not hurt in a neighborhood with an aggressive dog. She said perhaps dogs that are known to be aggressive should be behind a higher fence. But she said some subdivisions won’t permit large fences in backyards.

Flaig said it’s not feasible to ban pit bulls and rottweilers because there are probably areas in the county where there’s plenty of room for those types of dogs to roam.

“But in a subdivision and you know (if) you have a dog that is aggressive that dog must be contained,” she said.

Flaig said she wouldn’t favor an ordinance to ban pit bulls in the rural part of the county but said in the urban part, Earlywine and Boone County Attorney Robert Neace need to look at that. She said she might support banning pit bulls in the urban areas.

Beckey Reiter, director of Boone County Animal Care & Control, said any dog can be aggressive. She said if the county is going to look at breeds that could pose a higher risk, it needs to look at all of them. She said banning a particular breed will not keep a community more safe.

“You have good dogs and bad dogs in every breed,” she said.”

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Please contact the Boone County Commission and politely inform them that breed-specific legislation in any form is ineffective and unenforceable.

5 responses to “Boone County, Kentucky May Consider “Pit Bull” Restriction/Ban”

  1. I have a pit bull and my dog (Maxx) is the best dog i have EVER had. My nephews are around Maxx all the time and he treats them like they are his babies. Maxx rides my nephews around like he is a horse. I have said all my life and will always say until the day I die, its all in how you raise them!!! I dont care what people have to say about them, my dog would not EVER hurt any body or anything!!! All the crap with the ban REALLY pisses me off. If you dont know how to treat a animal and take care of them then dont get them. I really get upset when people talk about pit bulls like they are killers! If you take the time to play with one you will realize that they are just like other dogs! If everybody has something mean to say about a pit bull, then why not hate on other dogs aswell? Little dogs will bite you faster than a pit bull!!! The only reason everybody hates pit bulls is because they are very strong!!! Thats wrong! Im sorry I dont care what anybody says or even tries to do they aint EVER going to get MY PIT BULL!!! Thats just something they are going to have to deal with because me and everybody around my dog loves Maxx too much to let anything happen to them!!!

  2. I think it is wrong to ban any type of dog. In an aggressive test, Pit Bulls passed at 80%. Even schnauzers got a 60%, and several other dogs also failed. Pit Bulls are the 4th passing dog, and they are NOT mean. I live in Kentucky and if this passes, they WILL have hell to pay. My Chihuahua is a mean little dog, and although he is small, he CAN hurt and he attacks children. I have a friend who has had a pit bull for over 6 years, and they have three little girls who grew up with that dog. It’s extremely nice and has never bitten ANYONE.

  3. We have had our pit for at least 5 years. she is the biggest baby in the world. If anyone out there thinks that pits are bad remember this….It is the owner that makes it bad. Yes their background may be against them but if they have a good owner that taught them to be good then so be it. Hey any other breed can be mean too. Its the owners not the dogs!!!!

  4. I ran a resuce for pit bulls. need help findin a home for a sweet big boy named Scooter I agree with you all pits should not be banned they need to be understanded! Im workin hard to change Ky opion on pit bulls so if you want to help please email I go on friday to talk to the exutive judge on the pit bulls acount.

  5. All my life growing up I have heard nothing but problems with pitbulls. I thought I would see what all the hype is about and 16 months ago I bought a pitbull (Sasha). I have to say this is the greatest most friendly loving dog I have ever owned. My whole family loves her as well as neighbors and she gives out twice the amount of love she is given. I have had pugs black labs and cats and this has to be the best breed I have owned.

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