Manteca, California Considers “Pit Bull” Ban in Defiance of State Law

From the Sun-Post:

“Responding to a rash of pit bull attacks a few months back, city officials are looking into ways to crack down on people who own allegedly vicious dogs. But some fear that laws under consideration could unfairly target pit bulls.

Interim Police Chief Dave Bricker said Thursday, May 29 that police are compiling a list of possible vicious dog laws to be weighed by the city attorney and councilmen this summer.

…But the council could take a more extreme approach…even passing an ordinance that would forbid people from owning pit bulls within city limits.

Other possibilities could include requiring owners of certain breeds to purchase insurance ” although enforcing such a law would be virtually impossible, Bricker said ” or refusing to adopt out lost or stray pit bulls recovered at the city pound.

…Cities [in California] may set their own laws regarding vicious dogs, according to a 2005 state law, as long as those laws do not discriminate against a certain breed.

In 2006, an exemption was added to that law that made it legal for cities to require certain breeds to be spayed or neutered.”

Read this article in its entirety here.

Please contact the Manteca City Council and politely tell them that there is no “breed” “pit bull,” that the slang term “pit bull” can refer to any medium- or large-breed dog, and that therefore statistics on “pit bulls” are skewed and therefore worthless. Please also inform them that breed-specific laws are ineffective and unenforceable.

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  1. Colorado Fed Ct judge set trial for aurora, CO breed ban case; august 2008, issues re substantive due process,equal protection and the takings claim.

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