New Haven, West Virginia Ban on “Pit Bulls” and Rottweilers Passes First Reading at City Council Meeting

From the Point Pleasant Register:

“Laws by which dog owners in the Town of New Haven must abide are about to get much stricter.

During Tuesday’s meeting, council members unanimously approved the first reading of a revised animal ordinance that outlines various new rules for dog owners within the municipality.

Among the changes are a new registration fee of $5, which will be required of every household where a dog over the age of eight weeks resides; the species of dogs permitted in the town – pit bulls and rottweilers will not be permitted, but those currently living in the town will be allowed to stay; and fines that range from $25 to $1,000 for any dog owner found in violation of the ordinance.

Additionally, pet owners that violate the ordinance will not have to be notified by mail that they are in violation, and law enforcement officers will be permitted to take action immediately, including seizing a dog that demonstrates vicious behavior.”

Read this article in its entirety here.

Please write the New Haven City Council at the following address and politely inform them that breed bans are ineffective and unenforceable:

City of New Haven
218 5th St.
New Haven, WV 25265

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