Owner of Injured Cat Seeks to Ban “Pit Bulls” in Conway, Arkansas

From TheCabin.net:

“Yolanda Jefferson is on a mission to see pit bulls banned from the city of Conway or, at the least, restrictions placed on ownership of pit bulls.

Jefferson and her neighbor, Matthew Nedbalek, may not see eye to eye on everything these days, but they both agree that the friendly neighbor relationship they once enjoyed has suffered in the days since Nedbalek’s pit bull named Ice attacked Jefferson’s cat, Tiger, on June 17. Jefferson has previously had a bad experience with pit bulls. In December, three pit bulls jumped her fence and attacked and killed her 10-year-old poodle, J.J.

Jefferson reports the orange tabby was sleeping on her front porch about 10:30 p.m. when the attack occurred. She said she did not witness the attack but was sitting inside with the windows open.

‘I heard Matt yell, ‘Ice, no.’ I heard him running through my front yard,’ she said. After the attack, the cat climbed up a tree and could not be persuaded to come down for some time, Jefferson said.

Nedbalek tells a different version of the story. He said he was walking about six feet behind his white pit bull Ice in his own yard when Tiger came off the front porch, went into the neighbor’s yard on the other side and “took off running.” The dog chased the cat and caught it in his mouth, Nedbalek said. He caught his pet at which point the dog let go, he said.

Nedbalek maintains both he and Jefferson are partly at fault for the incident because ‘neither animal was confined’.”

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6 responses to “Owner of Injured Cat Seeks to Ban “Pit Bulls” in Conway, Arkansas”

  1. I wanted to go on record regarding this entire situation. Mr. Nedbalek is a friend of mine as well as his entire family. I have had my own opinion of pit bulls and as a whole, I don’t care for the breed. But after being around Ice several times, I have another opinion. I am the owner of chinese pugs and this pit bull is by far much more relaxed and way less vicious than they are. This entire situation is all about Ms. Jefferson getting money from the Nedbalek family and it is a real travesty. I hope our judicial system will see through Ms. Jefferson and not let this kind of activity take place. Thank you for your time, Cyndi Mobbs, Conway AR.

  2. I think that we should set the record straight for all pitbull and rott owners. Pitbulls and rotts have passed every test giving to them on their temperaments and still we look for the bad in them. I am a ASBT, they are very loyal and obiedent. My ASBT live for my children and I feel safe letting children lives for the moment the children get up and to wake them and play with them. We have dogs to protect us and our property. The government is invading our rights to protect our love ones and property.. We have every right to say what dog breed we want as pets. Lets not let them take that right away from us. it been proven that pitbulls have great temperaments and are not bred for there meanness.. Show us some scientific reports that show behavioral problems in their DNA. Hopefully we can move on from here and stop the scapegoating and the stereotyping. All the dogs from the Mike Vick case weren’t bad dogs just needed some love and understanding. About 30-40 dogs from that case were retrained and placed in good homes.. These dogs have some much to offer us just give them a chance in the right homes. Thanks Mariah,Redding CA

  3. I work at a vet clinic about 15 minutes away from Conway. From my experiences with the animals that come in cats & little dogs are by far the meanest creatures that come in. Not one pit bull that has been in to our clinic has shown any aggression towards me or anyone else. I own two pits myself and they live with 3 boston terriers.

  4. I wanted to post an update on the Nedbalek travesty. Ms. Jefferson DID NOT receive any monetary settlement for her cat. We all know this is what she is after and she DID NOT receive it. The Nedbalek’s did however have to pay city ordinance fines which are absolutely ridiculous, but none the less, they must be paid. Ms. Jefferson continues to constantly (by that I mean daily) harass this family about her stupid cat issues. Dogs are dogs and they will chase cats. It will be this way until the end of time. The Nedbalek’s have a plan for Ms. Jefferson through the court system and I will certainly update as needed. Thank you for your time.

  5. It’s funny these days how society over reacts to situations. APBT are very family oriented dogs. The media has set off a frenzy of showing only the bad things that certain APBT have done because of bad owners. Bad owners are responsible for the descrimination in this breed of dog. It’s funny how back in the 1970’s the press highligted that the Dobermans were quote,”Bad Dogs” then in the 1980’s it was the Rottweiler, so now what breed can we pick on, wait I know the American Pitbull Terrier. I’ve been around hundreds of these animals and not one has ever been aggresive. I own one and she love to play ball, she loves to play with kids, she’s all around a loving great companion. Society could make this breed of dog extinct and they would find another one to pick on. Maybe next time it could be your family member like a poodle, chow, dalmation, lab, etc. It’s really funny that the APBT passes the temparment test more than any of the other so called, “good dogs”. You make your decision, try learning about the breed and visit owners that can show you just how loving and caring these animals really are. The 10% bad owners have made this breed 100% in peoples eyes with the help of the media because bad things sell and make headlines. Just like in the military, it was always the 10% that screwed it up for everyone else, does that make the military 100% bad. Thanks for your Time.

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