Sioux City, Iowa Considers Banning “Pit Bulls”…Again

From the Sioux City Journal:

“Councilman Aaron Rochester said Thursday he will propose that the council ban ownership of pit bulls in the city but allow current pit bull owners to keep their pets under a grandfather clause.

On Monday, he will introduce a proposed ordinance that would allow owners to keep their pit bulls as long as they registered and licensed the dogs with the city clerk’s office. Puppies born to registered dogs
would be exempt from registration until they were 6 months old.

… If the ordinance passes, Rochester said, “We won’t allow any new pit bulls in Sioux City.”

The proposed law would define a pit bull as being an American pit bull terrier, American Staffordshire terrier, Staffordshire bull terrier or any dog that appears to have those characteristics.

‘The more we looked into this, the statistics are pretty damning of that breed,’ Rochester said. ‘When you get multiple cities and countries banning them because of the same issues, it’s time to take a look at it.’

‘…In Sioux City, I’m just proposing you register them,’ he said. ‘I have spoken with citizens who have had multiple problems with pit bulls. They’ve gone after people, dogs and even cats. They’re an aggressive dog. Because of their strong bite, they can latch onto you or another animal and cause tissue damage’.”

Read this article in its entirety here.

Please contact the Sioux City City Council here and politely inform them that “pit bull” is not a breed, but a slang term that describes a conglomeration of breeds which skews statistics rendering them fatally flawed. Even Councilman Rochester defines “pit bull” as being at least 3 breeds and any mixes of those breeds or sharing the appearance and characteristics of those breeds. Please also inform them that the urban myth of “pit bulls’” stronger or locking jaws has long been debunked. And finally, please inform the council that breed-specific legislation, in any form, is unenforceable and ineffective.

4 responses to “Sioux City, Iowa Considers Banning “Pit Bulls”…Again”

  1. “Theyve gone after people, dogs and even cats”

    Wow, even cats?

    This guy Rochester sounds as though he needs some factual information, pronto. Is he able to point to one jurisdiction that has banned a shape of dog with positive results? If so, I’d like to hear about it.

  2. We got the ordinance deferred until Aug. 25, 2008. We have one month to come up with a viable option for Sioux City. A group of concerned citizens will be working with local Animal Control officers, the police and watchdog groups to find a resolution and create a community action group to assist local agencies. Thank you for all who emailed & called our city council members. Your voices were heard!

  3. pit bull bans are ridiculous, there is no cause for it. any dog can be aggressive if the owner didn’t raise it properly. trying to ban pitbulls is like saying that if any race commits more crimes than another, then that race should be outlawed. i have been around pitbull’s, lots of them in fact and none of the dogs i have been around have been anything other than loving. trying to ban pit bulls is just plain stupid.

  4. I absolutely agree with the person who said this ban is ridiculous!!! I owned a pitbull once until someone stole her. She was sweet and loving!!! My nephews have owned 3. All of them were the same way. The people who should be punished is the OWNER..Any breed can be mean if they are trained or abused!!!What breed is next???

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