Hazel Park, Michigan Considers Restrictions for “Pit Bulls”

From CandGNews.com:

“City Council last week approved the first version of an ordinance that aims to regulate the ownership of dangerous animals, specifically pit bulls.

The ordinance would require that anyone that owns a Staffordshire bull terrier, American Staffordshire terrier or American pit bull terrier must register the animal with the city and meet certain criteria to house the animals.  

The dogs must be confined to a pen in the owners yard and must at all times be on a leash, and must be muzzled if ever taken out of the confinement, which must be locked and at least 6 feet high. The homeowner must also display a beware of dog sign on the home and kennel.

Owners must report the death or birth of any pit bulls within the city limits, and the dog owners address must be current at all times with city records.

…The permit that city officials are looking to implement will be required within 30 days after the ordinance passes. Owners will also be required to renew the license every year and provide two current photographs of the dog. The permit would cost $50.

…In the case that the dogs injure or kill a person or another animal, the district court will have the right to order that the dog be killed. The punishment would be made at the owners expense and can be extended to animals that could kill or cause severe injury in the future.

Dogs can also be ordered sterilized, and owners could be forced to build an escape-proof enclosure or anything else the court deems necessary to protect the public from a breed of dog that is perceived to be dangerous.”

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Please contact the Hazel Park Mayor and City Council via the City Clerk and politely inform them that breed-specific legislation, in any form, is ineffective and unenforceable.

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  1. i find it rediculous that the breed pit bulls are treated that way i have a 6 month old pit bull that is the sweetest dog ever he has never been in a dog fight or bit anyone ever he is registered in the state of illinois. currently i am looking for an apartment and not one landlord will allow pit bulls just because of their name, i love him and i would never put him down just because i can’t find a place to stay. i think if you can prove that your dog is registered no matter what breed he or she is than i think you should be able to live anywhere you choose. there needs to be some kind of law that will allow you to have a pit bull and not be looked apon as a fellon of some sort what do you expect to kill off all pit bulls? that is not right….

  2. I live in the city that is in the article above. I own a Pit Bull. (Although we think he’s mixed.) I am quite upset about this. They say “It’s not as if we’re saying you can’t own a pit bull..” Ok sure, we can own the pit bull but they have to be confined to pens and leashes and muzzled? Is that not some form of cruel punishment for a dog who may not live up to the “dangerous” stereotypes of his breed. I can understand wanting a dog of a “dangerous breed” to be muzzled when outside the owner’s fence, but the rest just seems ridiculous. My dog wouldn’t hurt a fly. We have joked that the worst fear an intruder has is of being licked to death. The dog next door to me, (Non-Pitbull!!) is more aggressive than mine and mine is supposedly the “dangerous” breed! I beleive it is all in how the dog is trained, how the dog is brought up.Where is the personal liability!?

  3. I wish that everyone voting on this could meet my 75% pit 25% rot 4 year old dog, Anubis. He is the most lovable dog in the world. If you train your dog with love and respect he will do the same to you and others. Why not stop these fools training their dogs to be fighters or try picking up the stray animals around the area that roam around the neighborhood. I’m so sick of the comments about how Pit Bulls are so dangerous when it is not a fact. My Anubis has been brought up around babies, toddlers, and kids and never once has left a scratch on any of them, maybe a lick or two. All of this nonsense needs to stop. It’s UNCONSTITUTIONAL!!!!!!! Just like a lot other bull crap that they ban. I’m TIRED OF IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I like in Hazel Park and own two pit mixes. Several months ago I was walking my male (neutered, liscenced and legal) in the city when an unleashed “lab mix” came darting out of it’s unfenced yard and attacked my dog. There wasn’t any major damage done to my dog, although he got on his belly and cried like a BABY!! I yelled at the owner of the dog that he may want to think about getting a leash if his dog is going to attack passer-bys. And then I am reminded of the little collie mix that bit my face when I was a child and I had to endure several surgeries to correct the dis-formation of my lip. These dogs were not pit bulls but they live in the city of Hazel Park. And what about the “non-pit bull breeds” that are off-leash and provoke other dogs and thier owners who are complying to the city rules? Not to mention the fact that it is going to look terrible to see people walking their muzzled dogs through the city. That does nothing but encourage the stereotype and paranoia of this breed of dogs. Unfair and Unjust. It’s a sad day for pits in the city. Thumbs down city council. I’m glad you found a way to get rid of the deficit.

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