Homerville, Georgia Considers “Pit Bull” Ban


“One South Georgia City is considering an ordinance that would ban pit bulls from city limits.

The ban has been a hot topic in Homerville for about a month.

Mayor Carol Chambers wouldn’t talk to us about why city leaders think the ban may be necessary.”

Read this article in its entirety here.

Please contact the Homerville City Council at the following addresses and politely inform them that breed bans are ineffective and unenforceable:

City Clerk
City of Homerville
P. O. Box 535
Homerville, Georgia 31634
Phone: (912) 487-2375
FAX: (912) 487-3111

2 responses to “Homerville, Georgia Considers “Pit Bull” Ban”

  1. I do not live in Homervill you are wrong about pitbulls
    I have one. They are the most loving dogs in the world and smart.
    It is not there fault they have been mistreated.Get smart put the blame where it should be on the people that does not have enough sense to care for them.
    Sandra Bennett
    Adel, ga

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