Malvern, Arkansas Considers Banning “Pit Bulls”

From Malvern-Online:

“A public hearing was held Aug. 11 at the City Hall Courtroom to discuss the proposed banning of pit bulldogs from the Malvern city limits. The hearing was called to order by Mayor Steve Northcutt. Concerned citizens had five minutes to discuss the ordinance.

…Gay Birch stated, ‘We can pass all the laws we want but they need to be enforced. We need to enforce the ones that we already have and maybe we wont need the new one.’

Northcutt and Donnie Taber, Malvern Police Chief, stated that a new Animal Control Officer had just been hired. Taber said he felt that the new officer would do a good job for the city. Taber also spoke about the current leash law that the city has and said that the officers couldnt be out there looking for dogs without their leashes and their owners all the time, but that they did their best. Taber stressed the importance of notifying the police when a person sees a dog loose.”

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Please contact Malvern city officials at the following addresses and politely inform them that breed bans and breed restrictions are ineffective and unenforceable:

Mayor Stephen Northcutt
E-mail Address:

All correspondence for the Malvern City Council can be sent to the city clerk with the request to forward it on to the city council:

Phyllis Dial
City Clerk
Phone: 501-332-3638
Fax: 501-332-7607

2 responses to “Malvern, Arkansas Considers Banning “Pit Bulls””

  1. Dear Sirs:

    Please advise of any ordinance or restrictions that apply to the ownership of Pitt Bulls. My neighbor reported that a Pitt Bull female was beaten/clubbed to death. Malvern Police were called and to his knowledge there was no response.

    This breed seems to attract the worst possible owners. There can be genetics involved; but the majority of cases are the result of uneducated/irresponsible owners.

    I have a one of the puppies of the alleged beaten dog and want to ensure I obey all existing laws.

    Kindest Regards,
    Peggy Snyder

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