Orem, Mapleton, and Provo, Utah Consider Breed-Specific Ordinances for “Pit Bulls”

From The Daily Herald:

“A recent pit bull attack on two men in Orem has led to talk of new regulations on the reputedly vicious dogs. But by the time the attack occurred, several Utah County cities had been quietly considering such laws for several months.

Provo and Orem city staffs are studying the issue and working on potential ordinances, while a proposal may go before the Mapleton City Council within a month. The cities have examples they can turn to, including Springville, which has strictly regulated pit bull ownership for more than 20 years.”This is something that’s been in research for a long time. It’s almost ironic that the pit bull attack has come during this period of time,” said Orem Mayor Jerry Washburn.

…For cities that are considering enacting new laws, several questions arise, including whether to implement tougher regulations on dog owners across the board; specifically regulate pit bulls; or ban the dogs altogether. South Jordan, for example, does not allow residents to own pit bulls, while Springville permits the dogs, but only after certain conditions have been met.

In Springville, pit bull owners are required to have six-foot-high fences that go 18 inches below the ground. The owners must also have at least $50,000 in liability coverage for their dogs, either through a bond or insurance.

Since most people do not have $50,000 on hand for a bond, and most insurance companies won’t provide coverage for pit bulls, getting a permit in Springville can be difficult. According to Jim Barker, the city’s animal control officer, only one Springville resident has a pit bull permit.

Mapleton city manager Bob Bradshaw said a proposal will likely be put before the City Council for a vote in early September, or possibly late August. The proposal would include the same fencing requirement as in Springville, plus a roof for the animal’s enclosure. Pit bull owners would need $100,000 in liability coverage for their dogs.

Orem is looking at a number of possibilities, including breed-specific regulations for pit bulls, or tougher laws for dogs in general. City manager Jim Reams said no decisions have been made about when or if any proposed ordinance will go before the City Council.

…Provo’s Municipal Council has spent much of the year considering a proposal that would regulate all dogs that are considered vicious. The proposal being considered would create classifications that describe dogs as “at risk” or “dangerous.” If approved, the proposal would require owners of at-risk dogs — those that menace or threaten people — to keep their dogs fenced while at home and on a four-foot leash while on a walk. Owners would have to implant microchips in their dogs and provide a photo of the animal to the Provo Police Department.”

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Please contact Provo city officials here, Orem city officials here, and Mapleton city officials at the following addresses and politely inform them that breed-specific legislation is ineffective and unenforceable:

Mapleton City Officials (Requests to forward e-mails to the Mapleton City Council can be made to Camille Brown, Executive Secretary)

Mayor Laurel Brady
489-5655, ext 105

Robert P. Bradshaw, MPA
City Administrator
(801) 489-5655 ext 104

Camille Brown
City Recorder/Executive Secretary
(801) 489-5655 ext 106

5 responses to “Orem, Mapleton, and Provo, Utah Consider Breed-Specific Ordinances for “Pit Bulls””

  1. OK, so if they review their stats and find that ‘retrievers’ are responsible for dog attacks, do they consider banning ‘retrievers’?

    No, I didn’t think so.

    What a bunch of suckers.

  2. Supporting Breed Bans and Breed Specific Legislation… Is just insanity.

    I am a Utah Resident. When the Hi-Fi shop murders happened, I didn’t see anyone standing up and saying “Hey, let’s ban all of the African Americans from Utah because African Americans are obviously bad and dangerous!”

    When the shooting at Trolly’s Square happened, I didn’t see anybody saying “Lets make a bill that says people from Bosnia need to be rightly regulated and pay hundreds of thousands of dollars in insurance in order to live in this state.”

    Of course not… Because that would have been senseless, and wrong in so many ways. Just like saying that ALL pit bulls are bad, all pit bulls are dangerous, and bull dog breeds need to be tightly controlled, or banned outright, is senseless and wrong. PERIOD!

    I do not own a pit bull, or any other type of bulldog, but I am a dog owner… And as such, I can say with 100% certianty that I will fight BSL and Breed Bans tooth and nail. Because it’s WRONG. It is unconstitutional, and I don’t want MY dogs to be next victims of some idiot law-maker’s witch hunt.

    Keep supporting BSL and Breed Bans, and maybe someday NONE OF US will be allowed to keep any dog, no matter what breed it is.

  3. Witch hunt. Witch hunt. It is unconstitutional, and will not solve the problem. Do these “officials” seriously think that BSL is an educated response?

    Tighter regulations for all dog owners(regulations that responsible owners generally already maintain)and strict enforcement of existing leash laws, etc. is the answer.

    Witch hunt.

  4. I have a 115 lb pit bull that i would rather leave with my two year old daughter than some ppl that i know.. I love the breed and i will not own any other kind. They are very loyal to thier owners and they love u unconditionaly… All dogs bite not matter what.. sorry ppl but u that want to band these beautiful animals are crazy!

  5. Pit bulls are great dogs I own one. I have a 4 month old daughter and my dog is great around her. Its not the breed its the owners behind the dog. The pit bull is a very smart dog and if u socialize them they could be one of the best dogs you will ever own. It sucks how this breed is guilty from birth, I wouldn’t want to own no other dog then a pit bull. I love this breed so much, I will fight BSL to the end.

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