Spirit Lake, Iowa Considers Breed-Specific Regulations for “Pit Bulls”

From the Estherville Daily News:

“Councilmembers have agreed that they would like to allow pit bulls within the city limits with certain restrictions.

All dangerous dogs, not just pit bulls, cannot be allowed to exit their kennels, pens or other enclosures without being on a leash no longer than four feet long. The dog must also wear a properly fitting muzzle. When the animal is not leashed it must be securely confined indoors or in a confined, locked pen which must meet certain standards.

The structure must have secure sides and top, or if there is no top, the sides must be eight feet tall. The structure must have a permanently attached bottom or the sides must be embedded at least one foot into the ground, and the structure must be made of such material and closed in such a manner that the dog cannot exit the enclosure on its own.

Other conditions include posting “Beware of Dog” signs with lettering no less than two inches tall. The owner must prove that liability insurance or a surety bond has been purchased for no less than $100,000. All offspring of a dangerous dog must be registered with the city within six weeks of birth. If the dog escapes, the owner must immediately alert the police department.”

Read this article in its entirety here.

Please write the Spirit Lake City Council members at the following address and politely inform them that breed-specific legislation, whether a ban or regulations, is ineffective and unenforceable:

City of Spirit Lake
1803 Hill Ave
Spirit Lake, IA 51360

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