Kokomo, Indiana May Consider Breed-Specific Ordinance for “Pit Bulls”

From WishTV8:

“The city of Kokomo is taking a tougher look at its laws and pet owners after a police officer shot and killed two pit bulls after a terror rampage in a city park.

Several people including a young woman who the dogs attacked and city officials want tougher dog laws.

…the pit bulls weren’t wearing collars or leashes and their owner was nowhere in sight. The dogs also attacked an 11-year-old boy who reportedly needed stitches.

Witnesses said the two dogs were running through the park literally looking for people to attack. A Kokomo officer opened fire on the both dogs. Now, the Humane Society is trying to beef up city animal ordinances.

…Authorities said unspade or unneutered dogs running around without food, water, shelter or supervision is always a dangerous thing.

‘I’d like to see some spay/neuter ordinances. I’d also like to see some dangerous dog ordinances. When people have a dog like this they’re really gonna have to be accountable for what that dog does,’ said Jean McGroarty of the Kokomo Humane Society.

The Kokomo Humane Society started working on new dog ordinances back in June. They’re currently looking at all dog laws. They said they’ve had the same laws on the books since the late ’80s and they haven’t been updated since pit bulls became popular pets.”

Read this article in its entirety here.

Please contact the Kokomo Mayor and City Council and politely inform them that breed-specific legislation is ineffective and unenforceable.

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