Ouachita Parish, Louisiana Considers Restrictions for “Pit Bulls”

From the NewsStar.com:

“…’We are also getting a lot of complaints dealing with pit bulls or pit bull-type dogs that are tethered with a leash or a chain in a yard,’ [animal shelter director Hack] Tull said. ‘We want to make the owner build a pen to secure that animal so it cant break loose and chase someone.’

While complaints about poorly leashed pit bulls come from all over the parish, Tull said most come from southern Monroe and Bawcomville.

‘If we do see an animal thats not properly penned, were going to give the owner 30 days to try to correct the situation,’ Tull said. ‘At the end of that 30 days, animal control will check, and if they deem the pen unsatisfactory, well pick up the dog and the owner will have seven days to construct the pen properly.

‘If they dont, the dog would become the property of Ouachita Parish. The owner could also be fined $100 and $5 a day for the animal shelter to hold it.’

Police Jury attorney Jay Mitchell is drafting the ordinances.

‘Im hoping to be able to formally introduce them at the next regular meeting Sept. 8,’ Mitchell said.”

Read this article in its entirety here.

Please write the Ouachita Parish Police Jury and politely inform them that breed-specific legislation in any form is ineffective and unenforceable.

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