Ridgeland, Mississippi Considers “Pit Bull” Ban Because of a Neighbor Dispute!

From mcherald.com:“Ridgeland neighbors that have been in a heated battle over dogs for months will appear in Ridgeland Municipal Court today.

April Scott of 617 Ralde Circle has alleged that her next-door-neighbors’ two pit bulls and Rottweiler are a danger, and she wants the pets removed.

Dog owners Pete and Gloria Grantham of 615 Ralde Circle keep the three dogs in their fenced-in backyard. The couple at one time also owned two other dogs that Ridgeland city officials have ordered removed.

‘She’s filed charges this time that my dogs are being aggressive,’ Gloria Grantham said.

The Granthams said their pets are not dangerous alleged they only exhibit aggressive behavior when Scott taunts them.

The neighbors appeared in Ridgeland Municipal court earlier this month over the dogs but were told by the court to work things out among themselves.

Unsatisfied, Scott took her concerns to the Ridgeland Board of Aldermen, who two weeks ago revoked a special permit they had given the Granthams in May that allowed them to keep six dogs on their property despite a city ordinance limiting households to three.

…Last week Scott said she was determined to capture the alleged violation on video in order to present it in court along with other video evidence showing so-called aggressive behavior by the dogs.

Scott has said on a number of occasions that she won’t cease pressing the allegations until all the ‘dangerous’ dogs are gone.

Gloria Grantham said she is fed up with the alleged harassment from her neighbor and is in the process of building a privacy fence to shield her yard.

Prompted by the neighbors’ ongoing battle, some Ridgeland city leaders are advocating a city-wide pit bull ban.”

Read the article in its entirety here.

Please contact the Ridgeland Mayor and City Council and inform them that breed bans are ineffective, unenforceable, and expensive.

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