Logan, Iowa Considers Banning “Pit Bulls” without a Grandfather Clause

From the Logan Herald-Observer:

“No decisions were made at the Logan City Council meeting Nov. 24 regarding changes to the present dog ordinance.

At the last meeting, Ron Placek had requested the council revisit the ordinance. He asked all pit bulls be banned from town and no grandfather clause used. The council reviewed the ordinances Placek provided at the last meeting that are being used in various communities in the area.

‘I’m just asking the council if they would move forward and consider it,’ Placek said. ‘My purpose is to totally ban pit bulls in Logan and I don’t want a grandfather clause.’

Council members said part of the problem is the enforcement issue.

‘If we change the ordinance to ban specific breeds of dogs, how would it be enforced?’ Mayor Mike Foutch asked.”

Read this article in its entirety here.

How would Logan enforce breed-specific legislation (BSL)?   For instance, consider Brighton, Colorado, which decided against a breed-specific ordinance in September because,

“several municipalities in the area instituted pit-bull bans with no reduction in vicious animal complaints and with a significant increase in the number of hours worked by animal control staff. In addition, costs associated with enforcing breed specific bans on domestic animals escalate if the owner opts for trial, with DNA testing of the dogs posing a potential fiscal liability for the city.”

In the end, Brighton decided simply to enforce the laws they already had on their books noting that “although the number of pit bulls has increased following the institution of bans in neighboring communities, vicious dog incidents involving the breed have not.”

Please write Logan, Iowa city officials at the following address and politely inform them that breed-specific legislation in any form is ineffective and unenforceable.

City Clerk/City Hall
108 w 4th St
Logan, Iowa
FAX (712) 644-2414

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