Thomas County, Georgia May Consider Breed Ban for “Pit Bulls”

From WALB News:

“Last week in Thomasville 5-year-old Cheyenne Peppers was killed when three family pit bulls mauled her to death in her own back yard.

‘What value do we put on the human life? Does my right to own a dog go past the right of a person to survive and have a life?’ said Sheriff Carlton Powell.

Thomas county Sheriff Carlton Powell says absolutely not. And in this morning’s County Commission meeting he took a stand.

‘I’ve asked for them to ban pit bulls as a breed in this county,’ he said.

The father of Cheyenne Peppers, the child killed last week, spoke in this morning’s meeting too. Expressing grief over his loss and backing the Sheriff in banning the dogs that took his daughters life.”

Read this article in its entirety here.

Please write the Thomas County Board of Commissioners here and politely inform them that breed-specific legislation is ineffective and unenforceable.

One response to “Thomas County, Georgia May Consider Breed Ban for “Pit Bulls””

  1. I have just been watching an Oprah Winfrey show,the 1st
    aspect,is that you never leave your child unsupervised.
    This show was about paediophilia,and a cop from Wyoming
    was pointing out there are some days he goes home while there are 8 or 9 children that are going to be Raped
    that evening,he knows this,but due to financial constraints,there are too few cops,and to operate effectively they need another billion dollars per year.
    Simultaneously Denver is wasting 560 million dollars
    per year implementing this EVIL and HEINOUS law BSL,
    whereby they are Murdering Innocent family pets.
    Too me this does not make sense.
    Breeds) per year in the whole USA.
    Now I will assume that the good sheriff has investigated
    this ,and has facts relating to why the poor litle 5
    year old girl was left alone,were these dogs on steroids,were they being used for dog-fighting,were they
    tethered chained up.
    Have not seen any information other than the sheriff wants
    to Murder all the pitbulls.
    Knee jerk reactions do not work, BSL does not work.

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