Saginaw, Michigan to Consider Possible “Pit Bull” and Rottweiler Ban


…Saginaw City Councilman William G. Scharffe wants the city attorney to see if his community can ban dangerous dogs…

Thursday, three pit bulls attacked 42-year-old Bridgetta Hadley of Saginaw and Duane E. VanLanHam, the 48-year-old neighbor who ran to her aid at her home at South 23rd and Perkins.

VanLanHam was in fair condition today at St. Mary’s of Michigan hospital in Saginaw. Doctors at Covenant Medical Center have discharged Hadley.

… “That was a terrible incident,” said Saginaw’s Scharffe of the attack. “It puts a shiver up and down my spine when I think about it.”

Scharffe said he’s asked Thomas H. Fancher, City Hall’s attorney, to look into banning pit bulls or Rottweilers.

He said it’s not right the city forbids swine as pets but allows, in theory, exotic animals such as “African bull elephants” within city limits.

“The last time a pig attacked someone, I don’t think I saw it in the newspaper,” Scharffe said.

“They can take an African bull elephant and keep it in their back yard and be fine under our ordinance. It concerns me.”

Councilman Paul T. Virciglio said City Hall should look into banning dangerous animals “before someone becomes a victim.”

Read this article in its entirety here.

Please write the Saginaw Mayor and City Council here and politely inform them that breed-specific ordinances are ineffective and unenforceable.

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