Des Moines, Iowa May Consider “Pit Bull” Ban

From the Des Moines Register:

A Des Moines City Council member has come out in favor of a pit bull ban while local leaders weigh tougher regulations on breeds of dogs deemed vicious in the city code.  

Councilwoman Christine Hensley said the volume of complaints and concerns she’s fielded about pit bulls over the years has moved her to back a ban.

“They’re not an appropriate breed to have in the city because there are all kinds of issues that could potentially develop,” she said.

…There are 199 licensed pit bulls in Des Moines this year, but 402 pit bull-type dogs have been identified at one time or another within the city limits. A Des Moines ordinance passed in 1987 classified pit bulls as vicious dogs.If a ban is implemented, dog owners who already have pit bulls in the city should be able to keep them if they follow necessary requirements, Hensley said.

Read this article in its entirety here.

Please contact the Des Moines Mayor and City Council here and politely inform them that breed-specific legislation in any form is ineffective and unenforceable, and that a mere enforced leash law could do wonders.

4 responses to “Des Moines, Iowa May Consider “Pit Bull” Ban”

  1. Not to take sides on this matter but I kind of have to. I myself own a pit bull & she is just the sweetest dog you would ever want to meet if you were a stranger walking into my house, into my yard, or just coming up to say hello to her or myself. Her name is springfield & she thinks she is a lap dog. Because of the way she has been raised she does not have a mean bone in her body. Anyone who has met her will tell you that even if she didn’t know you she would think you love her anyway like you have known her all her life. I also have a toy poodle that we got as a baby, also 2 cats that we got as kittens. When we first got them of course like all animals she was scared of them and they didn’t know any better so would go after her wanting to play or thinking she was their mother. At first she backed away but once we told her that they were just babies & that she needed to be nice she took over & became very protective of them like they were her own babies. She has been fixed since she was a pup but still has very good motherly instincts when it comes to babies. Human or animal, they become hers. I believe any dog can be a “vicious breed” and most of it is in the way they are raised & the things they are taught. A strict leash law for every breed of dog would be the best way to go & the easiest to enforce in my book. Thanks for listening and have a good day.

  2. We own a Pit Bull in Des Moines, and are firm believers that they go in whatever direction the owner will take them. Like all dogs. Pit Bulls, tho, are the most loyal dog, which is why they will do whatever thier owner asks.
    Bringing me to my second point – the Breed is not the issue here. It’s responsible dog ownership, as many of you people on this site are aware of.
    Come to the annual Great Iowa Pet Expo in October and meet Cash, our 3 year old Pit Bull! We have a booth and have taken him since he was a pup to help the public see that they can be nice, well behaved dogs.

  3. I also believe any dog can become viscious. A dog is a direct reflection upon how you maintain yourself. You can either have a dog that will not look down after you throw a piece of steak on the ground, or you can have a dog that humps your friend’s leg…..discipline people……discipline.

  4. Why punish an animal who WE, as human beings train to be the way we train them to be, whether intentionally or unintentionally. Why not put rules and regulations on who is allowed to own and obtain animals, dogs more specifically in this case. WE are the responsible species here, WE need to take responsibility for ourselves. I have a half pit bull we saved 3 years ago and he was abused and would try to attack people walking by the house or onto our property, but even then we redirected him in his training to be a loving, eager to meet anybody kind of dog. It’s the HUMANS fault for dogs, not just pit bulls, dobermans, rottweilers, mastiffs, etc. that dogs are vicious. WE, HUMAN BEINGS, train them to be vicious. Put restrictions and rule and regulations on people who are not competent, capable and or careful with owning dogs.

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