Fremont County, Idaho Considers “Pit Bull” Ban

From Island Park News:

In this weeks regular county commission meeting, County Attorney Joette Lookabaugh presented commissioners with a draft ordinance that would ban dogs from running at large and ban pit bulls and other dogs known to be extraordinarily dangerous.

…She said pit bulls are used by the criminal element to keep lawmen off their property.

The draft ordinance defines confined as keeping an animal in an enclosure that cannot be easily opened by any person other than the owner, or with the owners permission, and from which the animal cannot escape.

It addresses other dangerous dogs besides pit bulls, defining such dogs as those that have been trained as attack dogs, and that have chased or approached people in a menacing fashion with an apparent attitude of attack, and dogs whose owners have been warned by lawmen three times in a 12-month period.

The draft also addresses public nuisance dogs, which are defined as persistently barking, whining, howling, pooping on other peoples property, running at large, and chasing people, bicycles, and vehicles.

Pit bull pets that were pets before the ordinance is enacted will be granddogged in but owners must show proof that they have a million dollars in liability insurance, and the county must be named as insured by the policy. Owners must prove that the dog has been vaccinated against rabies. and has been fitted with a microchip ID. Owners must also post, Pit Bull Dog signs on their property.

Violators of any of the ordinances provisions can be fined up to $100. There is no jail time.

Commission Chairman Paul Romrell said he wants the commission to take some time to review the draft, and then discuss it at the next commission meeting, Monday, June 8.

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There is no such thing, at least via empirical scientific data, as an “extraordinarily dangerous” breed.   There is also no breed called “pit bull.”   The slang term “pit bull” has been erroneously used to describe a myriad of medium- and large-sized breeds which is why statistics on “pit bulls” are skewed and therefore worthless.   Also the myth that thugs, gangbangers, or the “criminal element” are the predominant owners of “pit bulls” is just that: a myth.   Please contact the Fremont County Commission here and politely inform them that breed-specific legislation is ineffective and unenforceable.  

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