White County, Tennessee to Take Up “Pit Bull” Ban Issue Next Month

From NewsChannel5.com:

The sheriff in White County demanded a ban of pit bulls after a string of attacks and confrontations by dogs belonging to alleged law violators.

Sheriff Oddie Shoupe said…”Most of these drug dealers are taking these pit bulls and using them to let them know we’re coming, and they have used them against my officers,” Shoupe told the Sparta Expositor. “I think it’s time we started fighting back.”

…The White County Board of Commissioners will take up the issue next month.

Read this article in its entirety here.

If “pit bulls” (again, a generic term describing any number of medium- or large-sized breeds) are being used for criminal purposes, how is that the dogs’ fault?   And if criminals use “pit bulls” what’s to stop them from using German Shepherds, Rottweilers, mastiffs, or heck, even Labradors for the same purposes?   With that line of thinking, won’t White County have to keep banning breeds of dog?   If even a Poodle can be used as a watch or guard dog (And they can!   Look at the breed description for a Standard Poodle!)   then seems this is a human problem, not a breed problem.

Please contact the White County Board of Commissioners here   and politely inform them that breed-specific legislation is unenforceable and ineffective.

One response to “White County, Tennessee to Take Up “Pit Bull” Ban Issue Next Month”

  1. a ban wouldn’t stop the criminals! lets face it their criminals because they break laws, the will not care about breaking another.

    drug dealers, deal BANNED substances so they won’t care about having a banned dog. its only going to affect the law abiding people and the dogs that aren’t a problem!

    any way, if a drug dealer has a illegal substance that could get them up to 15 years, do they really think they will care about the possibility of getting what 6 months, a year may be if they ban pit bulls

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