Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania Mayor May Petition State Legislature to Enact BSL on State Level

From the Times Leader:

Mayor Tom Leighton said the city will do whatever it can to prevent dangerous dog attacks.  

The unfortunate incident that occurred on Monday, June 29, involving the mauling of a pet dog by vicious, off-the-leash dogs has undoubtedly distressed residents in the City of Wilkes-Barre and visitors to the River Common, Leighton said in a prepared release. Wild, uncontrollable dogs create unsafe environments and threaten those around them, including passersby, members of law enforcement and other animals.

…We cant have these dangerous dogs walking in our parks and Farmers Market, Leighton said. I look forward to the state Legislature enacting a law to address this situation.

Leighton said his administration takes the issue of dangerous dogs very seriously and he will continue to push for tougher regulations. He did not disclose any specific regulations that he is looking at. He said that once the state budget is passed he will go to Harrisburg to lobby legislators to change the law.

…Under current state law, municipalities are limited in how they may regulate dangerous or vicious dogs. Leighton said his administration was unable to proceed with plans to ban pit bulls from the city in 2005 when a safety issue arose.

In 2005, Police Chief Gerry Dessoye agreed with Leighton in his quest to ban pit bulls. Dessoye said people were using them to keep police from doing their jobs.   He said officers often encountered pit bulls in drug houses and that incidents of pit bulls attacking people throughout the city were much higher than any other breed.

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Please contact the city of Wilkes-Barre using their general contact information here.   Politely inform them that breed-specific legislation is ineffective and unenforceable.

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  1. I agree with making the leash law stronger. You can’t single out one breed just because of negativity against them.. I beleive a dog does whatit is taught. All dogs can be vicious, and can get angry. It is unfair to say “pitbulls” are a dangerous breed. i have 3 american terrriers that is their correct name and they are all loving and kind. Please increase the leash law with higher fines even jail time and you will see that EVERY dog owner will carefully tame their pet.

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