Well what do you know? Breed bans not only increase ownership of banned breeds but increase ownership of banned breeds by criminals and animal abusers!

The following BBC article comes from our U.K. friends across the pond where “pit bulls” were banned under the Dangerous Dog Act of 1991.   As any Briton can tell you, the Dangerous Dog Act has not worked since its inception and the following article is yet one more example of why: Because gangs, thugs, and drug dealers will continue to have these dogs no matter how much supposed preventive legislation you pass.  

Huge rise in banned fighting dogs
By Claire Marshall
BBC Midlands correspondent

As police raids see the arrest of three people for animal cruelty, the number of banned dogs used for fighting, then abandoned, is soaring.  

…The rate at which dogs of banned breeds are being seized in the West Midlands has doubled this year.

…During the past 10 days, the BBC has met two breeders of pit bulls. One, who called himself Len, was unafraid to meet in a Birmingham park in broad daylight to show off three of them.

…He said: “It’s sort of a status symbol basically, having what’s not allowed, what’s illegal…”

If pit bulls were legalised, he said, it would make a “huge difference” to how much money he could earn.

Asked if it would put him out of business, he replied: “Most probably.”

Read the entirety of this article here.

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