Are They Joking? Elgin Says They Will “Compromise” on Their Pit Bull Restrictions

Another great post from WLS ‘Pet World’ host Steve Dale:

Are They Joking? Elgin Says They Will Compromise on Their Pit Bull Restrictions

When the wording of the “compromise” began all Pit Bulls will continue to be deemed dangerous, I knew this wasn’t a compromise at all.

As it stood previously Elgin, IL public officials wanted to restrict Pit Bulls – for starters – by instantly deeming each one dangerous (without temperament testing) and mandating $500,000 of insurance. The compromise is changing that to $100,000 in insurance.

Why would any insurance carrier take you on if you have a dog that’s being called dangerous (even if the dog isn’t in actually a danger)?

And if you somehow could find coverage, even at $100,000 of coverage for a dangerous dog, that’s a very expensive proposition to pay for. Another compromise, is lowering the mandatory fencing for yards where there is a Pit Bull from 6-feet to 4-feet high. But what if the subdivision where you live doesn’t allow any fencing?

Definition of the word compromise: a middle way between two extremes) (n) an accommodation in which both sides make concessions

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  1. It is patently clear that Prigge does not serve the people of Elgin but is a Disciple of PETA.
    Get RID him,he is EVIL as is PETA.

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