CBS 2 Chicago Reports on “Hateful” Breed-Specific Ordinance Proposed by Elgin, Illinois City Council

From CBS 2 Chicago:

Dog Lovers Upset By Elgin’s Proposed Pit Bull Laws
Reporting Mike Puccinelli

…a Chicago suburb is thinking about labeling all pit bulls as dangerous animals. That’s breeding bitter resentment from dog owners who say their breed is being unfairly singled out.

…Charlotte Prusa, 84, doesn’t own Taysia. But she’s come to view the therapy dog as if she is her own.

Prusa, a double amputee, has been looking forward to visits from Taysia for more than four years. The dog’s pictures adorn her walls at Rosewood Care Center in Elgin.

“It’s a connection. But at my age and in my situation, it’s even better because I don’t feel so isolated. I feel like I still have life,” Prusa said.

And Prusa isn’t alone. Dozens of elderly residents in this nursing home have to come to love Taysia, who visits the center once a week.

But Taysia is a pit bull. And a proposed ordinance in Elgin would deem Taysia and all other pit bulls as dangerous dogs. That could put a stop to the visits from the certified therapy dog.

“I think it’s very hateful,” said resident and ordinance opponent Tom Sterling.

Taysia’s owner calls the ordinance unfair, unjust and discriminatory.

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One response to “CBS 2 Chicago Reports on “Hateful” Breed-Specific Ordinance Proposed by Elgin, Illinois City Council”

  1. 1 out of evey three black males spent time in should we label all black males criminals? no just like you cant subject one breed of dog to discrimination.i love my pit she is the most kind and loving dog.its about training any dog that is not trained will react to their natural instincts this subject makes me very upset everytime i hear it. punish the irresponsible owners not the dogs.

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