WLS Chicago’s Steve Dale Denounces Elgin, Illinois Breed-Specific Ordinance

The following is an excerpt from Steve Dale, host of the WLS show Pet World, and his blog ChicagoNow:

Under a new ordinance in Elgin, all Pit Bulls are presumed to be dangerous dogs. That’s outrageous! Shame on Elgin, Illinois.

Apparently, if a Pit Bull named Lassie rescues a little boy or Pit Bull works at a nursing home as an animal assisted therapy dog, the Pit Bull is still dangerous.

Of course, all Pit Bulls are not inherently dangerous.

There is NO scientific documentation to confirm that Pit Bulls are predisposed to be dangerous.
When I asked a village representative about the science to back up this decision, she conceded

“I don’t know of any.”

I asked supporters of the breed restrictions, Mayor Edward Schock and Councilman John Prigge to   appear at either 6 a.m. or 2 p.m. on my WLS Radio show Saturday, February 27 (www.wlsam.com). And wouldn’t you know it, they were both “unavailable.”

Read the rest of Dale’s blog entry here.

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