Is the Elgin City Council Disinformation Campaign Sending Out Disinformers?

 It appears as if some on the city council have sent what I can only describe as “disinformers” to make comments on the Daily Herald.   These disinformers have, like city councilmen themselves, cited poor evidence in favor of BSL, and have spread animosity and made personal attacks on those opposed to Elgin’s breed-specific legislation (BSL). Councilman Prigge so proudly lies through his teeth when he says he’s entertaining information only from Elgin citizens and yet he freely cites PETA, Kory Nelson’s Denver “pit bull” ban “data” (and Corporate Counsel Cogley and/or Prigge can keep saying Denver’s ban has withstood legal challenges, but they forget the ban was passed before Colorado’s prohibition of BSL and they conveniently ignore Margolius v. Denver in which ALL of Denver’s Animal Control officers could not pick an American Pit Bull Terrier out of a line-up)   and hacks like Alan Beck and (which have both been widely discredited as unscientific witch hunters)!   We might be embarrassed for Councilmen Prigge, Gilliam, and Warren and Mayor Schock if they weren’t working so tirelessly to kill good people’s dogs.   We may not be able to dethrone these kings of the “unwashed masses” (and yes, that’s just how they see you Elgin!), yet, but we certainly can expose their malfeasance and violation of the public trust.   What all Elgin and Illinois citizens can do now is boycott Elgin businesses (including the casino!) until the city council does the will of the people; the people who elected them their representatives! Notice that word representatives.   Not dictators.   Not authoritarians.   Not absolutists.   Not autocrats.   Not oligarchs.   But representatives who stand or act for another or others; those who do the will of the people!  

And don’t you wonder why Councilman Prigge is so sure of himself any time anyone brings up the idea of Elgin being sued?   (Elgin citizens should be aware that there may be as many as 3-4 lawsuits against the city should BSL be passed in Elgin.   And yes, the proposed ordinance is just that poorly-written and vague!)   Will Prigge be as strident and smug when he has to use $1 million of Elgin’s taxpayer dollars to defend Elgin’s indefensible BSL??   Or will the special interest lobby that we suspect has been coaching him behind the scenes foot the bill?   And if it’s true that Prigge has been entertaining radical special interests (radical special interests that by the way are affiliated with domestic terrorists the Animal Liberation Front), and we strongly suspect that he has been, then perhaps he should be investigated.

3 responses to “Is the Elgin City Council Disinformation Campaign Sending Out Disinformers?”

  1. Lets cut through the chase,the Voters are the MASTERS and the Pricks I mean Prigges are the bloody civil SERVANTS,he obviously will not take orders,he is a liar and very deceitful.
    Call an election and VOTE him out,you will save 1 seventh of the costs of this council and of course the major expense of running BSL which will run into millions.

    Elgin Voters get Rid of this Murderous Scumbag.


  2. Prigge and the others refuse to hear outside opinion in opposition to them. Meanwhile, the BSL they push is something that will affect anyone planning to travel to, through and visit Elgin, not to mention those considering relocation to Elgin. So are they trying to say they don’t care about that portion of the population?? Nice. And completely hypocritical.

    I will absolutely be boycotting all Elgin businesses. There are plenty of places near enough, outside of Elgin, to give my money to.

  3. the “pitbull” type dog compasses alot of dogs & if i have to abide i expect others to as well — pigg i mean prigge says there is no cost however i say there is a cost and that is where they need to be hit – every elgin citizen needs to ensure this generic dog description of “pitbull” type is being equally enforced so when the police are running around after “pitbull sightings” that is a cost and when this generic description is not equally enforced we need to come together with a class action hopefully there is a lawyer out there whos owns a “pitbull” that would be willing to help.

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