Has Denver Assistant City Attorney Kory Nelson Been Coaching the Elgin City Council on How to Pass BSL???

One of our favorite blogs, Caveat, acquired a copy of a letter that Denver Assistant City Attorney Kory Nelson has been or had been sending out to cities considering breed-specific legislation (BSL).   The letter says that threats of lawsuits against BSL are overblown and/or that should there be lawsuits they’re funded by dog fighters to defend their “sport.”   It’s the same insinuation over and over from BSL proponents right?   All “pit bull” owners are thugs, drug dealers, dog fighters, and gang bangers.   Meanwhile, the hundreds of thousands of responsible “pit bull” owners you never hear about because they’re owning their dogs responsibly are adversely affected by BSL; BSL that doesn’t stop the minority of bad “pit bull” owners who weren’t abiding by the law before BSL was passed.    

But perhaps most icky about this letter is that it offers tips on how to spy on the “anti-BSL” movement.   Nice.   Gosh, I never thought to spy on my adversary.   It’s fighting dirty and I prefer to keep it clean.   Makes you wonder how moral BSL proponents are when they can only pass BSL by misrepresentations, flawed data, junk science, and lies.   Although Mr. Nelson is right about one thing.   There is no reliable statistical data on “pit bulls” because as a “breed” they don’t exist. Still, this letter is on Denver City letterhead!   If you were a resident of Denver, would you want your tax dollars being spent on a letter like this???   Kind of makes you wonder if Mr. Nelson has been talking to folks in the Elgin City Council though doesn’t it?   The letter does seem to share a lot of the same modus operandi that the Elgin City Council has adopted and employed….Hmmm…..

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